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Coryer Staffing helps good people find great job opportunities. 

Coryer Staffing Corporation is a woman majority-owned staffing firm based in Plattsburgh, NY and founded in March 2016. Our staffing services include Direct Hire, Temporary, and Contract-to-Hire. 

With nearly 20 years of recruiting experience, the team at Coryer Staffing is here to help you. 

Why Coryer Staffing?

We focus on career growth and going beyond the resume and job description to understand and support what our candidates and client companies are looking for. We provide support services to improve and increase our candidates' work experiences and career development. We are match makers with a proven track record for placing the right candidate with the right position. 

We're personalized, caring, and human - and we want to meet you. Contact us today or register with us so we have your information on file. 

Meet Our Staff

Elizabeth Goerlitz-Coryer, CEO

About Elizabeth: Elizabeth Goerlitz-Coryer, co-founder of Coryer Staffing, is known for being a workhorse, steadfast, and willing to do everything and anything to get the job done. Her father would say she's been preparing for the role of CEO of her own company virtually since the day she was born. Driven, spunky, and beyond bright, Elizabeth is fluent in Spanish, has taught privileged and talented youth at two of the nation's leading private schools, and led teams of successful salespeople over the course of her career.  In additon to being mom and CEO, Elizabeth is very involved with the Plattsburgh, NY community and surrounding areas. Elizabeth currently serves as a board member for Community Action Angels for Clinton County as well as a board member and treasurer of Plattsburgh Little League.
Call Me: (518) 324-7891
Email Me: elizabeth@coryerstaffing.com

David Coryer, COO

About David: David Coryer, co-founder of Coryer Staffing, brings nearly 20 years of staffing and recruitment knowledge to the North Country Region. David provides a personal touch to business that goes well beyond employee placements; trying to understand a company's needs and limitations while providing flexibility to make things work positively for both parties. David is active in the Plattsburgh community and serves on the boards of United Way of the Adirondack Region, Adirondack P-Tech, Vision2Action, Plattsburgh Little League, and is the founder and board member of AIME. David was also a founding Board Member of Adirondack Young Professionals.
Call Me: (518) 324-7892
Email Me: david@coryerstaffing.com

Sara McCaffrey, Operations Support / Recruiter

About Sara: Sara McCaffrey embodies the spirit of natural and effective customer service. She has been on board with Coryer Staffing since the very beginning, lending her willingness to take on any project, love of learning new processes, and ability to navigate complex agencies to the company’s early success. She’s new to the Plattsburgh area, and brings a refreshing youthfulness to the community. She appreciates the unique and supportive network of businesses here and strives to add value to her adopted home by connecting candidates with career opportunities that let them recognize their own strengths. It’s a noble task that helps build the foundation of a strong business and community. Past experience includes serving in the Americorps City Year program in New York City and studying Social Work at Southern Connecticut State University. What I really like about staffing is finding that everyone has something they can offer. It’s not always the first try, not always the obvious fit, but it’s connecting those opportunities to the candidates and watching those things open up for them. - Sara McCaffrey
Call Me:  (518) 324-7893
Email Me: sara@coryerstaffing.com

Kasie Bartley, Recruiter

About Kasie: Born and raised in Chazy, NY, Kasie Bartley got a great start to her career right after college, right in her own backyard. She spent 17 years in the toxicology department at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Chazy. When the the plant downsized, Kasie recalibrated her career. She has since gained experience in accounting, HR, quality control, and inside sales with some of the region’s leading manufacturing companies. Her time at Wyeth taught her to appreciate the longview in business, having worked on products for years before they finally hit the market. She now appreciates busy days full of work she loves with the dedicated, big-hearted Coryer Staffing team where it's all hands on deck to help people begin new careers and find success. Kasie is an animal lover who enjoys the simple things in life, like Jeopardy!, a glass of wine on the deck, and Sunday family dinners.  We help people begin a career, and to be able to take care of their families again. It’s teamwork where our bosses are working just as hard, and just as late, as we are. - Kasie Bartley
Call Me: (518) 324-5678
Email Me: kasie@coryerstaffing.com

Peter Jackstadt, Recruiter

About Peter: Peter Jackstadt is a bi-lingual off-the-beaten-path world traveler who landed at Coryer Staffing in January 2017. After more than a decade in the leisure travel industry, where he cherished his role helping people create lifelong memories, Peter sees staffing as an even more impactful way to help people. An admitted big kid, Peter brings a sense of awe to his position at Coryer Staffing-- he can’t wait to come to work every day, to connect with candidates and help them find stability and adventure in their own careers. Born and raised in Plattsburgh, Peter and his wife now now raise their two kids just down the road from his childhood lakehouse. When he’s not working, Peter serves on the Cumberland Head Volunteer Fire Department, enjoys the stellar outdoor recreation of the Adirondack Coast, gardening, collecting old tools, and traveling. Next stop? Maybe Disney World! I can’t wait to come to work in the morning because of who these people are. I get to march with this team of people. It’s great and it’s fun. - Peter Jackstadt
Call Me: (518) 324-5678
Email Me: peter@coryerstaffing.com

Meg LeFevre, Communications Manager / Recruiter

About Meg: With a local government and business journalism background, Meg understands what makes the greater Plattsburgh economy tick, and she knows that none of it works without a stable workforce. Meg has served on the Plattsburgh Town Council since 2015; she was appointed deputy supervisor in 2016. She is the 2017 recipient of the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Women of Distinction Distinguished Personal Achievement award, is a member of the Adirondack Foundation’s Next Gen Council and Plattsburgh Community Housing board of directors.  There are a lot of ways to lean in and help our communities thrive. Helping good people find great jobs is one of them. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to do that alongside the Coryer Staffing team. -Meg LeFevre
Call Me: (518) 324-5678
Email Me: meg@coryerstaffing.com

Jared Murphy, Recruiter

About Jared: Jared Murphy honed his technical skills in the United States Air Force, serving four years as an Aircrew Flight Equipment Technician. His focus, attention to detail, and ability to perform under pressure were cultivated in that role and have served him in all other professional endeavors. As a splicing technician at a local manufacturing company, Jared helped to develop an Ultrasonic Splicing department, working closely with his supervisor to increase production and grow the company’s Plattsburgh base. He joins the Coryer Staffing team eager to explore his own professional abilities and is excited to help others push their limits to find fulfilling work.
Call Me: (518) 324-5678
Email Me: jared@coryerstaffing.com

Jen de Jongh-Leclerc, Recruiter Support Specialist

About Jen: Recruiter Support Specialist Jen de Jongh-Leclerc is often the first point of contact our candidates have with Coryer Staffing. Her high level customer service, hospitality and sales management background supports our entire team. She keeps recruiter/candidate communication running smoothly, handles back office tasks like a pro and masterfully manages the never-ending job of new candidate outreach. Jen is also formally trained and operates a side business in holistic nutrition and wellness coaching, which is reflected in her ability to genuinely connect with every candidate that walks through our doors. Our team certainly couldn’t deliver the service and results we do every day without her.
Call Me: (518) 324-5678
Email Me: jen@coryerstaffing.com

Richard Almond-Goerlitz, Education Coordinator

About Rick: You can usually find Rick Goerlitz in his garden in New Hampshire, but when he’s not tending to his gardening and property management ventures, he’s spending time back in Plattsburgh, where he grew up, helping his sister and brother-in-law grow Coryer Staffing. A college swim coach at prestigious universities and prep schools throughout the Northeast for nearly two decades, Rick has applied his experience working with that demographic to developing Coryer Staffing’s high school outreach program, designed to make local students aware of employment opportunities in the North Country. He also assists on the direct hire side of the business, helping candidates see the value in Plattsburgh’s safe, family-friendly communities and proximity Montreal and Burlington, VT, not to mention having Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks at our doorstep.  I love being part of the Coryer Staffing team. It’s been really exciting reconnecting with friends from high school, and helping this thing grow. -Rick Goerlitz
Call Me: (518) 324-5678
Email Me: rick@coryerstaffing.com

Address: 20 Miller Street #102, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Phone: 518-324-5678

Email: customer-service@coryerstaffing.com

About Coryer Staffing

Coryer Staffing Corporation is a woman majority-owned staffing firm based in Plattsburgh, NY, founded in March 2016. Our staffing services include Direct Hire, Temporary and Contract-to-Hire Staffing. 
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