Connecting Companies with Great Candidates 

Our clients are for life – we’ve never lost one.

At Coryer Staffing, our team builds partnerships and relationships that provide a foundation for our clients’ continued growth and strength. Our team and the experience that they deliver puts an emphasis on connecting great companies with quality employees through strategic yet meaningful staffing, recruiting and workforce development. The companies we partner with are global in reach but local to the communities we serve and seek reliable staff that can help them grow—as well as grow with them.

When it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, our philosophy—and outcomes—are equal parts innovative and uplifting, and by design, distinct in both their impact and their ability to inspire. We combine passion and purpose with discipline and responsibility, prioritizing substantive and significant achievements with long-term viability over superficial, or hasty results. Understanding what your company’s employment needs really are and taking a tailored approach to finding the right candidates is what Coryer Staffing is known for. 

Whether you have an immediate staffing need or are looking to increase your reach within the greater Plattsburgh and Champlain Valley regions, partnering with Coryer Staffing is your first step towards finding the perfect candidate for your organization. 

Contact us today at (518) 324-5678 to speak with a member of our team or stop into our offices in downtown Plattsburgh to get started.

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