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Coryer Staffing is in the business of knowing your business. Understanding what your company's employment needs really are and taking a personalized approach to finding the right candidate is what we're known for.  Our staff has over 20 years of industry staffing experience and knows the North Country.  Our team works hard every day to identify good people who have the capacity to do great work. We strive to represent those individuals that you may have difficulty attracting on your own and connect them with the most appropriate opportunities. 

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Client Testimonials

One of the many reasons we continue to work with David is that he makes himself readily available for any concerns or questions that may arise in the hiring process, ensuring that the right person is matched with the job. ~David Phelps, IFC LLC.

David provides a personal approach to business that goes well beyond employee placements. He tries to understand a company's needs and limitations to best serve them while providing enough flex to make things work positively for both parties. ~ John Vermette, General Manager, Spencerarl NY Inc.

We have a long-standing relationship with David providing candidates and excellent customer service to us. ~ Donna Matkoski, Human Resources Manager, Camso

David and Elizabeth possess some of the most important skills that we need in our community to grow into the vibrant, dynamic region we can become. David has become a constant business resource throughout the years; ever ready and available to work through the myriad of crises that occur. ~Elizabeth A. Vicencio, Vice President/CFO, The Northeast Group

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Whether you have an immediate staffing need, or are just looking to increase your reach, partnering with Coryer Staffing is your first step towards finding the perfect candidate.  Contact us today to get started.

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Coryer Staffing Corporation is a woman majority-owned staffing firm based in Plattsburgh, NY, founded in March 2016. Our staffing services include Direct Hire, Temporary and Contract-to-Hire Staffing. 
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